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Welcome to Space!

“Track your project on a space wide canvas”

Space is a conceptual AR application that enables users to log and track their projects efficiently with the help of its special features. It aims to reinforce the communication between the instructor and the student in feedback sessions and between the group mates in group projects. Also, by its hologram displays Space challenges the boundaries of the physical workspace.

How does Space work?

Space app enables students to organize their thoughts and ideas, keep all their notes in one place and ultimately track your project updates day-to-day. It also notifies the students based on their project timeline and datelines.

Built in Process-Tracker solves the problem of teachers trying to manage multiple students at once and often forgetting their project process during feedback sessions. Most of the time, this means inefficient use of the already limited time during the feedback sessions and is often very exhausting. Space helps students and teachers to share their project process in an efficient way; by allowing the teachers to see all the research, sketches and thought process of a particular project which ultimately helps to get a better understanding of the project.

Space provides the necessary tools to the students to log every aspect of their project- from start to finish – so that they also understand what their project is missing when in doubt.

Infinite Canvas mode makes it easier to edit, share and collaborate on sketches, notes and research findings both between fellow students and between tutors and students.

In a group project, Space allows the individuals to share their processes, assign tasks to group members and set reminders for the group as well as enabling ‘live’ collaboration which makes it the ultimate software to log, track and present group projects. i-Tracker ensures there are no miscommunications between the members and all of the discussions are set as ‘to-do’ for every member.

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Hologram Screens

User Flow

Space Map keeps data of your design process and which you can zoom in to a step to see what you have done in a detailed way.

In feedback sessions or when you are ideating with group mates say “start session” to initiate voice recognition which generates a mind map for you in real time with highlights on main points. So, you don’t have to take notes while listening since Space does it for you.

Space is there for you to understand each other easily. When the feedback sessions finish say “end session” to see the miscommunications, unanswered questions, ambigious parts on spot and discuss them with your instructor without losing any time. Also, it generates a to- do list for you for the following days.

You can see more about the problems when you tap on them and reveal a map which highlights these parts. The ai generates “did you mean” questions to make you think further and solve detect on spot.

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Key Features


Space detects your movements with the help of your smartphone and you can easily draw on to the hologram displays as if you are drawing on the air

Sketch Scanner

Space detects shapes, texts and makes it easier to manipulate on hologram screens in real- time. Also you can extrude your sketches to 3d in order to have a more immersive experience

Infinite Canvas

Hologram screens provide you an immersive experience while breaking the boundaries of the physical workspace


Tracks the discussions held at feedback sessions and creates a ‘space map’ which includes keywords, to-do’s, conflicts, vague points and possible further questions by using deep learning. After feedback sessions, the student can visit the i-Tracker, go through the ‘space map’ and get a clear to-do list, which is hassle-free, clear and direct

Process Tracker

Keeps all your works in one place and helps you to communicate your self- thought process in feedback sessions and group projects.

Problem Exploration

We started by exploring the common problems experienced by students in our school. At the end of our brainstorming sessions and observations we found out that most of us experience problems based on communication.

User Research

As our target audience was Koç University students, we conduct interviews with them in order to find out what kind of problems do they have while communicating with their peers and instructors. Realizing how hard is to interpret the feedback from instructors and communicate our ideas whilst doing a group project – such as this particular project- we decided to focus on creating a self- reflective tool which is also interactive and expressive.


Why Hologram Displays?

Since our main concern is to improve communication between students and instructors, we paid extra attention to how to make it better.
Students are already struggling taking notes while listening and understanding the main points so it would make even harder to use an app. Thus, we designed hologram displays which wouldn’t disrupt one to one communication and eye contact. Also, we wanted to make the process immersive, tactile and playful.

created by

  • Gülce Kayıkcı
  • Ezgi Özbakkaloğlu
  • Dicle Yaz
  • Burcu Kavkacı